About Us

It’s easy to get caught up in logistics. To spend so much time focusing on moving parts that you miss the memories being made around you. Be a part of every impression that leaves with a guest at the end of a magical night. Let us take care of everything else. 

Noelle started out as our event assistant but quickly moved up to be one of lead planners. She always has a smile on her face. If her face looks familiar she is also our social media manager so you may see her on Instagram, Facebook or TikTok.

LEAD PLanner  


Kaleigh has over 5 years experience in event planning and it is her creative outlet and it is what drives her. She is passionate and organized and our clients love her!

Lead Planner


Keri is our Corporate Events Director with a BBA in sport, event, and tourism management and over eight years in event planning experience.

Director of Corporate


Sarah is our senior wedding designer and has over 9 years in the beauty industry and over 10 years in the event industry. Design is her passion and she tackles every project with enthusiasm.

Director of Weddings and Designs


A graduate from Baylor University Melissa leads her team with over 20 years experience in the event industry. Melissa has worked in the corporate and not- profit field and the wedding industry from NYC to Texas. With a deep passion for every client she strives to make every detail perfect on event day.

Owner and CEO


MEET Our Team

Oanh is the best event assistant ever. She is constantly on her feet making things happen behind the scenes.

event assistants


Brandy has a background in corporate events but found her passion in wedding planning and designing. She gets to know her clients and she loves bringing their vision to life.







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