We offer a variety of options for your wedding or special event, and can adjust each of them to fit your needs. If you have something very specific in mind, don’t hesitate to reach out to us so we can tailor a custom designed experience for you and your guests.    


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Our blend of teamwork results in cohesive designs, seamlessly executed by the best vendors.

Once that plan is approved, we carefully match you with the finest local vendors.

From there we curate a bespoke design plan outlining all your event details.

We start by asking you what they want your guests’ experiences to be. If you were attending this event, how would you want it to look? To feel?

Someone takes the time to curate a precise aesthetic for a unique guest experience, and that's what our team does.

Events are a success wheN

Our Process

All services included in Fancy

Access to our list of Preferred Vendors

Personal consultations to discuss and decide on concept and theme

Design and construction of any conceptual or thematic props and decorations

Set up and guide you through any/all vendor visits, style meetings, and food tastings

Personalized delivery of gifts prior to the event

Post-event follow-up: settling outstanding invoices, returning clothing rentals, managing deliverables from photographer and videographer, etc.

Your event will require more planning and follow up than you might realize. With our most comprehensive package, you can rest assured that every single detail will be flawlessly coordinated.

Full Planning | 6 Months-1 Year Out


Personalized timelines showing activity of both vendors and participants

Maintain and manage list of important contacts

Manage the venue plan, including set-up, striking, and room turnover

Handle logistics for event rehearsal and day-of activities

We make sure all the vendors you have chosen are on time, and the ceremony and the reception go according to the plan you approve.

Wedding Coordinator  | 45 Days Out


Custom Packages also available

Wedding Packages

Design is unique to every client. With these packages, we will sit down with you and discuss the vision for your event. We will then curate a design experience with a style guide, full design board, and finishing touches for every facet of your wedding. Our full design package allows for your event to be entirely tailored to you, making your event truly unique. We can always create a design package that fits your needs as well!


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This isn’t just a gift for yourself but this is a gift for your family and friends. We take on all the vendor communication, facilitate set up, and breakdown and everything in between. You and your guest can be fully present during your event and not have to worry about what comes next. 

Why do I need a planner?

In my opinion there really is no such thing as a day of planner. Wouldn’t it be so easy if you could hand over your binder and someone just does everything! In reality there are so many things that go into planning a wedding that our team needs to be a part of the final walk though, floral decisions that have been made, timeline decisions, venue layout… the list goes on and on. All of these are handled before the wedding so it can go as smoothly as possible.  

Why don’t you just do Day of?

A venue manager is responsible for the venue: turning on lights, making sure the building is set up, checking on the restrooms, and managing AC. They are there for the venue only. A planner is there for the couple. We are your advocates and speak with all vendors before, during and after the wedding. 

What is the difference between a venue manager and a wedding planner?

Absolutely! We offer boutique rentals such as table numbers, reserved signs, chargers and other items. We also do custom pieces for our design clients as well. 

Do you offer additional services other than coordination?

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We can't wait to meet you and hear all about your plans for your wedding! Get in touch with us using our contact form to schedule a consultation.