Service Fee

“What is this service fee?”

 We get this question all the time from our clients and it’s a valid question!  You have done your tasting, you love the food and drinks and then you get the invoice and you notice this 15%-28% service fee and your first thought is, “what the heck is this!”  I’m already paying so much for the food, servers, bartenders, mixers etc and now I have to pay more!  Let’s break it down!

Typically a catering or bartending company will have a 15%-28%  service fee. 

This fee covers the following:  


the time and expertise of professionals who help plan the menu, coordinate logistics, and ensure that the catering aligns with your preferences and the event’s requirements. 


bringing their equipment, such as tables, chairs, linens, and serving utensils. The service fee may contribute to the cost of renting or maintaining these items. (such as bar tools, serving spoons, 


If the catering company transports the food/drinks and equipment to the event venue, the service fee helps cover transportation expenses. This fee may also cover the shopping for the specific items needed for your event. The service fee may contribute to the catering company’s administrative costs and general overhead, such as insurance, licensing, and other operational expenses.

It’s important for our clients to inquire about the specific details included in the service fee and to understand the terms and conditions outlined in the catering or bar contracts. We help our clients navigate these contracts and help them understand these fees. Service fees can vary among catering and bartending companies, and transparency about these charges helps our clients make informed decisions.