Wedding Invitations and COVID-19

Photo by  Sloan Photography   Stationery by  Girl General

Photo by Sloan Photography

Stationery by Girl General

We are All In The Details Events, an event planning and coordination company based in San Antonio, Texas. Our team plans many types of events but today we are focusing on the wedding market. And if there is anything that every couple has to have, it is invitations!

We talked with the owner of Girl General Anne Gibson George for our Instagram live. She is a wedding stationery expert and if you haven’t been to her store I suggest you do so immediately!  Anne has been in the stationery business for over 19 years and has seen many fads come and go but some things remain consistent. 

Why choose a local stationer professional instead of ordering online?

It’s the attention to detail and the customer service you will get throughout the process. Oftentimes, ordering invitations can be overwhelming; what do I need to include in my invitation? Should I include my registry information?  What about hotel accommodations? Can my RSVP be online? What is traditional etiquette for stationery? Your wedding stationery expert will help you navigate these questions, especially in this day in age when we are dealing with COVID-19 when things can change so quickly. 

When we asked Anne what is the most important piece of information to include in an invitation in dealing with COVID-19 her answer surprised us.  

Anne suggested including a space on the RSVP card for the guest’s email address. That way, if there are any changes, email is the easiest and fastest way to reach your guests. This is a protocol you will likely see for the next couple of years.

In addition, to the email address line, Anne suggests creative ways on how to deal with COVID-19 and your wedding invitations. If you don’t want to order brand new invitations with the new wedding date, one suggestion is including a belly band on your invitation with updated information such as the new wedding date and rsvp date. A belly band is a piece of paper that wraps around the invitation to keep everything together.

Photo by  Dawn Elizabeth Studios   Venue -  Kendall Plantation   Stationery by  Girl General

Photo by Dawn Elizabeth Studios

Venue – Kendall Plantation

Stationery by Girl General

The Invitation Process

When you meet with your stationery expert it is always best to have an idea of what you want for your wedding invitations (or an inspiration picture) as well as a budget. For example, if you need to order about 200 invitations the cost will start around $2,500. There are multiple custom options that your stationery expert can recommend to give you the look and feel you are envisioning; a liner for your outer envelope, a custom monogram (a great idea for utilizing to brand multiple details of your wedding), unique enclosures, and more. An older trend that is making a bigger comeback is pocket invitations. Your guests will open the envelope and pull out the pocket where your invitation, RSVP card and details card will be, keeping everything together. These are a few customizations that can easily take a simple invitation, give it a “wow” factor, and give your guests all the information they need to prepare for your big day.

Let’s talk about timing 

A question that we get asked often is, “When do I need to send out my save the dates and invitations?” COVID-19 has changed the typical protocol. Prior to the pandemic, your save the dates would be sent out approximately 8 months prior to the wedding and invitations 8-10 weeks prior to the wedding. 

The new COVID-19 etiquette for mailing is:

4 Months prior – mail save the dates

6 Weeks prior – mail invitation 

3 Weeks prior – RSVP deadline

Photo by  Ashley Medrano Photography   Venue-  Park31   Stationery by  Girl General

Photo by Ashley Medrano Photography

Venue- Park31

Stationery by Girl General

Let All In The Details Events guide you through your wedding planning!

When asked what the difference is for clients who come in with a planner vs without a planner Anne said, “The difference is night and day.” When a client comes in with a planner they have already been prepped and know what to expect in the consultation. They have also been given a to-do list of items that are needed during the consultation. When a client comes in without a planner everything is new to them which can be very overwhelming and stressful. 

The invitation process can be a bit overwhelming, but it doesn’t have to be. Contact us because we would love to help you!

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