Left to right: Sarah Lomas, Keri Weber, Melissa Gaines, Kaleigh Ann, and Stephanie Hoover

Left to right: Sarah Lomas, Keri Weber, Melissa Gaines, Kaleigh Ann, and Stephanie Hoover

Memories are made because someone took time to care about precise details, and that’s what our team does. Whether you’re planning a local or destination event of any size, or a celebration for any type of special occasion, our focus is on your experience and that of your guests. All you need to do is enjoy the memorable moments. How she smiled at him. How he laughed with her. The way they danced. The impressions made on your guests. These are the elements you should focus on, while we take care of everything else.

It’s all about these moments, because it’s all in the details.

MELISSA GAINES, Owner and CEO– As the team’s leader, Melissa knows what makes the difference for each of her clients. She draws on her extensive network of relationships built planning both social and corporate events all over Texas and in New York. Melissa is quick to manage any type of issue, while always focusing on guests’ experiences. 

SARAH LOMAS, Director of Weddings and Design – After almost a decade in the beauty industry, Sarah knows what makes an event visually stunning. She is able to listen to your vision, create a concept, and make a reality the dream event you’ve been picturing.

KERI WEBER, Director of Corporate – Keri is best described as a passionate organizer and brainstormer. She has six years of event planning and coordination experience from the wedding, corporate, non profit and entertainment industry. Before becoming a full time event planner she worked in project management, which she believes best explains her planning style.

STEPHANIE HOOVER, Assistant Events Planner – Stephanie has over 14 years creative experience as a stylist, and has an eye for organization and keeping clients on track during the wedding process. 

KALEIGH ANN, Event Day Assistant - Educator by day and event assistant by night, Kaleigh is quick on her feet and takes care of all of our clients and event guests to make them feel right at home.